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Actually, .Asia Might be the Next .Com

The most crucial development for the Internet industry in 2014 was probably the introduction of thousands of new gTLDs for domain name registrations (.website, .xyz, .travel, etc). While actually a good thing for the industry, the rollout process has been messy and filled with lackluster marketing and slow end-user adoption. Nevertheless, while .com will remain as the top extension for years and years, new players offer many benefits for the unconnected.

.music promises to … Read the rest

Three Years in the Best Seller List: Investing in Language Learning

The Darden Business Publishing mail list arrived this morning with a pleasant surprise. My co-written business case, “Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning”, made the best-seller list, now for three years in a row. From the publication:

This week’s feature presents the most popular and most frequently taught cases published within the past five years…

The Darden School of Business is regularly recognized as having one of the world’s premier teaching faculties within business education, … Read the rest

Why Should Your Site Have a Spanish Subdomain?

Before you even consider expensive localization projects or international expansions, ask yourself this question: Can I grow my audience without expanding internationally?

Of course you can. You can sell to the same zip codes and dramatically increase your customer base. Indeed that’s why companies like Sprint have fully translated their websites to Spanish while serving the same zip codes. But why would a national brand do such  a thing? It’s all about network effects.… Read the rest

Web Development and TV Production

Few people have talk about the many similarities between web development and TV production. As we move into an evermore video-based web the similarities become apparent. In many ways, YouTube has become the new TV experience. Influential bloggers are now heralded as respectable pundits and regularly invited to major TV programs. But how can you capitalize on this convergence and learn from TV to enrich your website?

For a while now, I have suggested highly … Read the rest

2015: A Crucial Year for Latin America and the World

As the American economy walks away from the great recession, 2015 looks more and more like a big year for technology. Cryptocurrency, the Internet of things and location-based services are ready for a tidal wave of growth. As Ericsson predicts, the trends for 2015 seem futuristic and attainable at the same time.

A key region to watch next year is Latin America. From … Read the rest