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International Search Engine Marketing

Citizen from India

Selling in India and other Asian countries is a completely different game

Core Issues

International SEM is more complex than ever before. We must now take into account a myriad of factors to get your pages ranking across the globe. Here are the main factors you should take into account:

1. Google is not the only game in town. Yandex and Baidu are huge in their respective markets. Bing’s market share is bigger in Latin … Read the rest

Translate Your Website, Double Your Audience

jordhy.com visitors

A considerable number of jordhy.com’s visitors come from non-English speaking countries.

Probably the best way to instantly increase your traffic and boost engagement is to translate your website. In the graphic above you can appreciate that a significant amount of jordhy.com’s visitors come from non-English speaking countries. Some of them come from India, Russia, Brazil, France, Algeria, Spain and China. How can we lower bounce rates and boost traffic while keeping costs down? One answer … Read the rest

The Black Caiman Attack

Black Caiman

Photo by lesenfantsdusiecle
Le Caiman Noir (le plus grand caiman)

It’s All About Strategy

Is very important to get strategy right before engaging in wide execution. Most startups execute with discipline and precision but still lose out to larger competitors. What gives? Why are amazing teams with amazing ideas and amazing products failing to achieve mass acceptance in the marketplace? Lackluster performance usually arises as a result of anemic strategies. Bad strategies come about because … Read the rest

The New Logo

Logo jordhy ledesma

You won’t believe how much effort went into making this logo!

The new logo of this website is quite the thing. It’s actually a window and my name rests inside. While the moniker is tridimensional, the window is squared and two-dimensional, communicating that you can have some depth and perspective in a squared world. Onwards…… Read the rest

Get on Yik Yak Now!

Yik Yak Screen

A Yik Yak screen shows a real time private conversation

What is Yik Yak? Well, it’s a one year old social network that allows you to talk to nearby people. You post anonymously and engage with people over a 10-mile radius or closer. This is tremendously powerful. You can leverage nearby people to solve a wide variety of problems. For example, you can ask local questions, figure out which are the best brands or … Read the rest