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2015: A Crucial Year for Latin America and the World

As the American economy walks away from the great recession, 2015 looks more and more like a big year for technology. Cryptocurrency, the Internet of things and location-based services are ready for a tidal wave of growth. As Ericsson predicts, the trends for 2015 seem futuristic and attainable at the same time.

A key region to watch next year is Latin America. From … Read the rest

20 Years Since my First Research Publication

Today, exactly 20 years ago I presented my thesis at the Loyola Polytechnic. The thesis dealt with the economic impact of industrial robotics. The 120-pages research document was prepared by Francisco Aleman, Esteban Esteves, Victor Feliz, Jordhy Ledesma, Moises Luna and Jose Tamayo.

The analysis considered developmental models from Japan, USA, Germany, Sweden and France and determined their fitness for Latin American industries. Although in Spanish, the document has full OCR capabilities so you may … Read the rest

Mobile Commerce, AI, Wearables and Driverless Cars

The smartphones we carry in our pockets are a million times more powerful than the supercomputers of the sixties. But the revolution doesn’t stop here: networking, software development and communications devices have also advanced at an exponential rate. My point being that the accelerating rate of improvement in information science will hit escape velocity very, very soon.

Technology is penetrating our daily lives at very crazy rates. We now discover apps daily, purchase new hardware … Read the rest

The Bilingual Store

In this age of eCommerce, social media and big data-powered offers, how can established businesses compete against Internet moguls like Amazon.com?

The answer might rest in the language you use to talk to your customers! Increasingly, Latinos have caught the attention of eCommerce operators and traditional store managers as the new¬†key growth market. Several dynamics make Latinos a seductive target market, namely attachment, larger homes and a tendency to refer local businesses that cater … Read the rest

Of Bodybuilders and Supermodels

Gabriela Markus, Olivia Culpo, Renae Ayris, Janine Tugonon, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero

I can assure you, with complete certainty: those beauty queens were not born like that.

They were born covered in nasty mucus, crying and completely naked (yes they were born naked!). Furthermore, their dresses are not sold by Sears, Kmart or Target. Quite possibly, you might have to scrape 50K for one of those babies (and the shoes run in the thousands as well).

Yes, even beauty queens and supermodels have their tricks. Heels, dental … Read the rest