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Urging You to “Learn SQL The Hard Way”

A fogy day in the mountains

SQL enables you to find the best datapoints even in fogy days

A lot of emphasis is being placed to get more and more people to code. And, while a worthy enterprise, this guidance misses an important opportunity: gradual computer science involvement can boost retention and improve comprehension. Before learning C, our children should probably learn a bit of UNIX although some people might think I’m a little ambitious here.

But what about learning SQL. … Read the rest

They’re Not Real But You Are

Leverage and Institutional Development

Leverage and Institutional Development

Steve Jobs was not real. The demigod created by the media is only in our heads. Mark Zuckerberg is not real. Not even Bill Gates. They are all fantasies created by the media to peg larger than life successes and failures to mere men. Yes, we’re leaders in our fields, you see us in magazines, use products which development we supervise, yes we picked the color of the website sidebar. So … Read the rest

The Latino Growth Hack


I have a sweet little tip for all my readers in countries with significant Latino populations. Let’s say you live in the USA and have a startup, blog, portal or eCommerce shop with an established Internet presence, you are spending a fair share of money on Adwords every month and have consulted with several SEO experts.  If you fit this description, you can significantly grow your business by purchasing Spanish keywords. However, even thought … Read the rest

The Key is Persistence

A trail of persistence

The struggle. A new competitor fills the WSJ columns, you panic, employees leave. Your software breaks after the latest release of Apple’s operating system. Then your wife leaves you and, to make matters worse, your blood pressure spirals out of control. What a nightmare, but how, how in hell are you going to get out of this?

The struggle, a trail that includes a seeming infinite list of trials and tribulations is very, very manageable. … Read the rest

The Longtail is Infinite – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 we explored how the long tail makes or break your search engine web traffic and how to get more. In the final installment of the series we’ll conclude our explorations by capturing visitor from new places without relying on historic searches. For this purpose, we must consider the question “how is a web search made?”. Usually the carry a need, an area or a desire. Whenever new needs, desires or … Read the rest