The New Apple TV is a Game Changer

Apps in your TV, games on your TV, websites mixed with TV stations. What a tour de force! This is the kind of stuff our industry needs, a new device that is interwoven perfectly into our daily habits while giving us more freedom to chose and interact with the digital world.

The future of television is all about apps. That was almost verbatim what Tim Cook said to start the conversation about Apple TV. The long-awaited App Store is finally here. Eddie Cue, who did most of the Apple TV demo, was a little vague about what will happen to all of the existing Apple TV apps. He said something that made me think they’ll stay, but there were no comments about deleting ones you don’t like.

We’re going to have to wait for more info and clarity on that point. Nevertheless you’re going to be able to download apps from the App Store very soon, provided you buy the new Apple TV. (More on that later.) Apple also officially launched a public Apple TV SDK for what they’re calling tvOS. – Cupertino Hobby