Back From Vacations

Computer code
Keep your systems updated to reduce security risks and streamline operations.

I’m back from my 2015 vacations and ready to talk about Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan. In a nutshell, Microsoft and Apple have created very refined operating systems that will make your life easier.

Windows 10 is a nice release that simplifies user experience while bringing back old features such as the Start Menu. The system is fluid and, so far, I’ve installed it without problems in a couple of machines. Sadly, the system is a bit unpolished and takes ages to fully update. Microsoft has a lot of ground to cover in order to catch up with Apple, yet Windows 10 is a welcomed update, since the interfaces of Windows phones, tablets and computers will be one and the same after this release.

Mac OS X El Capitan is a different beast. After installing and diligently testing the beta version I see performance improvements across the board. I’ve now installed this system in old and new MacBooks always to a high level of satisfaction and snappiness. With the notable exception of Spotlight, everything seems lighter to me, my computers are faster and major improvements are quite notable in the Finder and Safari.

The bottom line is: don’t wait any longer and apply these updates to your computers, they’re both free and generally provide  a simpler and more refined experience regardless of your platform or hardware.