Bitfari for Developers and Academics

Bitfari is a protocol for location-based communication. Location-based communication allows people who don’t know each other to interact, These communication types include advertising, mass media, TV, signage, classified ads, newspapers, bulletins, email, closed-circuit communications, location-based services and marketing, location-based social networks, event communication, radio-based communications, naval communications, and military applications.

In a gist, Bitfari can dramatically change the way humans talk to each other. The repercutions of this invention can be as large as those the telephone brought to our lifes.

Concrete Problems Solved by Bitfari

  • Bitfari reduces location-based communications by as much as 99%.
  • For private networks, bitfari eliminates the cost of message distribution while blocking spam.
  • In corportate environments, Bitfari eliminates message clutter using interest lists and dynamic message filtering.
  • Locations don’t need to employ expensive private databases to manage simple communications. They can employ a public blockchain and do away with complications.
  • Immigrants and tourist can better integrate into foreing lands by consuming contextual messages and signage that are translated into their native languages.
  • Advertisers can dynamically deploy campaigns according to local product performance.
  • Billboard operators can sell their ad space directly to advertisers and also sell contextual ads, bringing in a tenfold in profit increases.
  • Fake Internet traffic can be avoided and marketers can save up to 30% of their budget.
  • Schools, universities, offices and parks can communicate with humans on premises without using megaphones and contextually.
  • Law enforcement can broadcast guidance and advice without using propietary systems or interfearing with the public’s privacy.
  • A public metaverse can be created in which interactions are much faster and productive than those currently possible with apps and mobile sites.
  • Events, social movements and political campaigns can gain ground organically using Bitfari. They can automatically recruit participants, funds, attention and manage a communication flow that is easy to use and simple to gain from.
  • Publications can be loally and contextually distributed without using paper using a push system (vs the pull system of apps).
  • Search engines can automatically present and harvest dynamic location data to present a contextually relevant picture of the place to users.
  • Economics can be dynamically adjusted to real-time, seasonal, and monthly foot traffic or public behavior data.
  • And so on.

So How Does It Work?

Bitfari wraps messaging with money and places this package in a location point or geofence. People located in the area will see the message if it’s contextually relevant and gain a share of the money provided they comment, share or read the message (this depends on the action the sender wants to promote).

Computer-based and human auditors filter spam and categorize messages appropiately to reduce clutter and misinformation. About five hundred computer-based filters are currently under development for Bitfari, these include: copyright protection filters, anti-spam filters, duplicate filters, etc.

The game theory implemented by Bitfari means that every publication will have human auditors available for review and adequate computer resources to filter communications.

Bitfari encompases a new generation of mass media communications. It will make the world consume less clutter and more relevant pieces information.

Next Steps: