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International Judge for the Web Awards 2014-2021
Web Marketing Association, UK

Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp – Orientation Event
ASA College, Manhattan, March 14, 2017

Double Your Traffic Using Multilingual Opportunities
#CreativeTribes AMA, March 2

Web Site Prototyping 101
ASA College, Manhattan, January and February 2017

Coffeehouse Expressions: Forgiveness; A True Poem
Holy Innocents Church, Midtown Manhattan, January 2017

Hispanic Heritage Month Poetry Contest Winners
Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, FL, October 2016

Profiled in the NY Times – Being Picky About Customers Early On Can Bolster Long-Term Success
Small Business, Aug 2015

International Judge for the Web Awards 2015
Web Marketing Association, UK, May 2015

BM Digital Marketing Roundtable
New York, NY, February 2015

eCommerce in Markets of Hope
Civil Innovation Lab, 2014

International Judge for the 18th Web Awards
Web Marketing Association, 2014

Interviewed by Rafael Fernández
“Almuerzo de Negocios” 88.9FM, 2014

Interviewed by Panky Sauvignon
“Cual es tu Versión” 94.1FM, 2014

All you ever wanted to know about eCommerce (#ecommerceRD)
CoworkingDO, 2014

Interview a “The Price of Business”
BusinessTalk 1110 KTEK, 2014

Math and eBusiness: How I Apply Math to Web Development
Math Multipliers, Female Polytechnic of Santiago, 2014

Latin American Art: Picasso and His Offspring
JABA Center, 2012

Modern Short Storytelling
National Biennial of Short-storytellers, 2009

International Encounter of Poets
Poets’ Land, San Ramón, Costa Rica, 2008

New Technologies Party
El Agave, 2006

Interviewed by Hector Peña
“Cybernet” Channel 4, 2002

Iberoamerican Math Olympiads
Acting Chief of Delegation at Caracas, Venezuela and San Salvador, El Salvador, 2000-2002

Mediterranean Management Seminar
Alexandria, Egypt. Organized by the American University in Cairo, 1999