Hispanics in the US

Hispanic Millenial
Hispanic Millennials are very active in social media and smartphone apps.

Hispanics in the US

The Hispanic market in the US is very fragmented. Most Hispanics residing in America are English-speaking millennials whose parents came to the USA a generation or two ago. They have ties to Latin American culture and some speak Spanish. However their mindset is different from their parents and even quite different from other Americans. They live in larger homes, are generally more social and stick to brands for a very long time. Let’s explore the idiosyncrasies of this market in detail.

Hispanic Media Usage

Hispanic media usage in the US from Jerry Rocha

Hispanics in the US: A Tale of High Variance

The variance among income ranges in Hispanics is dramatic and this is a crucial fact to take into account for any marketing campaign. Hispanics in the USA are mostly Mexican, although culturally, over a dozen Latin American countries are well represented in the US. These are Mexico, Salvador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela.

Selling to Hispanics

The highly varied nature of Hispanics makes for complex marketing projects that should take into account the very essence of what it means to be Latino. Messages that appeal to family, friendship, love and quality tend to do very well in the Hispanic community. However, bombastic campaigns that usually overshoot it and try to focus on singletons (think Lucha Libre or Tacos for example) usually flop.

A venture into the wilderness
Selling to Hispanics is complex because each Hispanic embodies multiple personas

Selling to Split Personas

While Hispanics living in the US don’t easily change their cultures, after realizing they have to adapt to the American way of life, have created a new cultural spectrum that mixes cultural icons of both societies. They speak both English and Spanish (sometimes joining them into something called Spanglish) and behave in a more American way both at work and about in the city. They relax at home and tend to speak in Spanish at home and make their purchasing decisions while chatting with friends and family.

The Hispanic Internet: Notable Research

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