Dreaming of A Planet for Every Human

“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” – Seneca

I wish that, in a handful of centuries, our race starts to contemplate the possibility of assigning a planet to every human. In my  dream I hope that humans, as a collective being, will be able to expand and conquer a non trivial slice of the Universe. Such magnificent wealth creation will allow, for example, a real estate developer to acquire a star and put its rays up for rent. That will definitely be the day!

However, the greatest barrier to achieve such a reality is not technological but merely intellectual. We still think of men as cogs of organized groups devoid of ambition and formal growth processes, hence incubating a race of conformists. In this age, our minds are so limited that when somebody talks of owning a big farm or estate we usually reply with the words “that’s more than your fair share”. And what a sad reality that is because, in fact, there is more than a planet for every man out there.

You are afraid to start a corporation for fear of lawsuits, competition and stress yet you are full of dreams, ideas and energy. In fact, this is one of our biggest societal shames: we only empower men and women for a life that is so close to the survival line that they become, in so many cases, indistinguishable from children. Modern day adults dream of going to the mall, paying video games and watching the latest Marvel flick.

Entrepreneurs, politicians, heads of financial institutions and wealthy investors are less than the 1% of this planet inhabitants. That’s sad but not entirely devastating. What is truly devastating and poisonous to my soul is the lack of ambition among my peers. The lack of ambition in society. The lack of that fire, the will to progress to achieve and to accomplish. The constant attitude of waiting for someone to solve your problems be it the government, family or a corporation. This lack of ambition is killing or human dignity and reducing us to less than children. We are being fed by corporations, pampered by governments and educated by churches and universities. We have become a generation of “human drones” with no aspiration of expansion whatsoever and the ever-present first instinct of taking things at face value.

We have taught our children that laws can’t be changed, companies can’t be built and reality can’t be improved. We have become complacent human drones devoid of ambitions, opinions, convictions and goals. Our goals have become the goals of society, our ambitions that of our parents… and this… this is heartbreaking.

I don’t mind to be labeled as ultra-ambitious. I confess, I want a planet for every man. I wish for humans to become a race of gods. A race of entrepreneurs. A race of winners. I hate, despise and condemn a society of “disposable citizens” that wish to life like eternal infants and have abdicated their ambitions for the sake of confort.

Stop whining. Stop complaining. Kill your fears. Everyone of them. You’re better than that. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish. There is, literally, a planet for every man out there… so what is stopping you from getting yours? Become ambitious, realize your potential and conquer your dreams. For desire for progress and expansion has taken our race from the caves and into skyscrapers. But now we need bolder people, now we need to conquer Mars and eventually the whole solar system. But first we must win the personal fight, the struggle against fear and complacency.

Therefore, I urge you. Improve upon your ambitions, open your eyes and look at the possibilities. Don’t raise your children to be slaves of the system. Tell them, tell them there’s a planet for every man out there. Tell them, we just need the rockets to get them. Do your job as a father, raise a rocket scientist. Do you job as a mother and raise a go-getter. Do your job as a human and give your fellow citizens a new planet, a new corporation or service that improves their lives. Don’t become a cog of the system. Make a new system. It’s the only path towards progress.