Why I’m not Buying an Apple Watch

White Apple Watch
The Apple watch makes no compromises and is a worst product for that very reason.

I love Apple products. Actually I’ve been a long-time fan since the 80s. I stood in line for the first iPhone, the first iPad, you name it. My Performa and G4 machines actually had names! But I’m not feeling it this time. Actually I think the Apple watch is the worst designed product in Apple’s history. To me, this smart watch is a Newton kind of thing. Let me explain.

Where the Apple Watch Lost its Time

You should start with a vision, a vision of everyday life success. That’s what computing is all about, taking stuff from my plate and making life a bit easier. To achieve success you have to make compromises and the Apple Watch makes none. First, this device shouldn’t have included a screen. I repeat, the perfect smart watch should actually be just a smart band. Without a screen battery life can last for weeks, you can pack more sensors into the device and provide the required gravitas for a significant ecosystem.

The screen is nice, but it’s too small and hard to use. Apps have to stream over from your iPhone and there’s a noticeable lag sometimes. What is this device for anyway? Why do I need it? Let me give you my two cents: the Apple Watch should’ve been the Apple Band, a plain and simple competitor to Fitbit. But with a bold vision.

Vision of a Smart Watch or Band

To me, the vision of this product should’ve been that of digital name tag. Something to open your car, your home, something to pay for stuff if your phone is close, and a huge array of sensors to digitalize your vitals. No screen. No music. No texts. No visible apps. No haptic nirvana, no emojis, etc. The product that Apple could have created with this vision is simply so much more compelling.

My Predictions

Apple will sell millions of smartwatches but, sadly, this will be the first Apple product that you use yet don’t love. To me, its lack of compromise is a deal breaker and the omission of a coherent vision for the product is an unforgivable blunder. To learn more about this product, here’s the Apple Watch review from the Verge: