The Latest in Software Testing

The software testing industry has seen dramatic expansion since 2010 whenever more complex software architectures and TDD grew into both a big problem and a big solution. We had Agile since the 90s but the industry required a new development focus given the exponentially increasing complexity of web applications – enter test-driven development.

Rapid changes in technologies, platforms, and devices pressure software development teams to develop, test, integrate, and deliver faster and more frequently. Software needs to be delivered and deployed daily instead of monthly or weekly. Software organizations will invest more on improving their development and delivery processes and methods as well as employing a right set of DevOps tools. This demand will derive the growth of DevOps practices and tools which leads to further utilization of test automation in QA and testing. –

In order to produce high-quality software is no longer enough to sit down and code 10K lines of code, package it and install it at the customer’s facilities. Nowadays, software development projects include web APIs, frameworks, multiple libraries, and, in many instances, code from remote teams. Such a setup makes for a complex body of work that can break into one of the thousands of pieces in any single update. Test automation enforces a compromise among all the actors and directs technical support efforts when things break.

The industry is moving at such a speed that now we have AI, machine learning, and big data testing solutions to increase the quality of software. Indeed, this is a desperate move to increase the quality of software but at the same time a desperate measure to try to catch up with ever-increasing software complexity.

Big Data are a collection of large data-sets that cannot be processed using manual computing techniques. Testing of these data-sets involves different tools, techniques and frameworks etc. QA teams need a very strong strategy for Big Data Testing because it requires high-grade analytical tools and frameworks, along with superior techniques and is an area that is expected to grow big in the very near future. In 2018, Testers should equip themselves accordingly to the upcoming developments in Big Data to adapt their testing skills accordingly. –

All of this amounts to what I call a decade of software quality. Ten years of constant innovation in the field of software testing and DevOps geared to increase the quality of the products and services we ship every day. It’s about time!