The New Myspace is a Clear Winner

The new myspace looks and feels like a premium product. I just configured my account a couple of hours ago and so far the experience has been great. A clean and stylish design goes a long way and the myspace product team placed a high bet on a very “classy” design that makes you feel as drifting in a magazine. The music selection is superb (for me it has been better than Spotify so far). Navigation is not only innovative but also pretty intuitive. In a sense, the new myspace feels like the product Apple should have build instead of Ping.

I’m sure this social network reinvention will inspire online properties across the planet to spruce up their interfaces. However, only the marketplace will tell is all these innovation is adequate or whether is too much for consumers. So far, I’m inclined to say this will not be another but the next Spotify. Let’s wait and see.