Three Years in the Best Seller List: Investing in Language Learning

The Darden Business Publishing mail list arrived this morning with a pleasant surprise. My co-written business case, “Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning”, made the best-seller list, now for three years in a row. From the publication:

This week’s feature presents the most popular and most frequently taught cases published within the past five years…

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This highlights the importance of adopting multilingual communication practices across American online and physical stores. Following are some details about the business case:

“Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning” by Kenneth Eades, Keith Dickey, Jordhy Ledesma, Jennifer Frazier, Duane Sider, and Melissa Johnson After observing customer interactions in a Best Buy in Dallas, the regional HR manager considers training sales representatives in a second language. Considering that the store’s regional customer base ranges between 13% and 30% Latino, she believes it may be a prudent option and immediately thinks of Rosetta Stone software as a cost-effective approach. Yet she still must translate her instincts into a quantifiable, tangible return on investment, particularly under demanding economic conditions.

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