2015: A Crucial Year for Latin America and the World

As the American economy walks away from the great recession, 2015 looks more and more like a big year for technology. Cryptocurrency, the Internet of things and location-based services are ready for a tidal wave of growth. As Ericsson predicts, the trends for 2015 seem futuristic and attainable at the same time.

Presentation: 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2015 from Ericsson Latin America

A key region to watch next year is Latin America. From Venezuela to Cuba to Spain, the region is undergoing major changes that will shape its future. Not only is smartphone penetration accelerating in the region but key political changes are making it easier for multinationals to enter the market.

Ecuador is experimenting with a new cryptocurrency after completely banning Bitcoin. Argentina is risking default while Chile and Brazil display their highest eCommerce figures.

All and all, the year ahead will pose a myriad of questions for the region. How to embrace new technologies amidst political turmoil? Where will multinationals achieve greater returns? And how will South American realities impact business in North America?

Stay tuned, 2015 will be a crucial year for all of us.