Of Bodybuilders and Supermodels

Gabriela Markus, Olivia Culpo, Renae Ayris, Janine Tugonon, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero

I can assure you, with complete certainty: those beauty queens were not born like that.

They were born covered in nasty mucus, crying and completely naked (yes they were born naked!). Furthermore, their dresses are not sold by Sears, Kmart or Target. Quite possibly, you might have to scrape 50K for one of those babies (and the shoes run in the thousands as well).

Yes, even beauty queens and supermodels have their tricks and more from them through supplements and protein shakes. Heels, dental work, expensive make up, expensive trainers, weird diets and unreasonably priced dresses are all part of the game here. But men are different right!? Right?


Sure! He was born that way! Look at those genes! A baby born in high definition!! He didn’t have to lift a single weight! He didn’t have to put in the years and years of work and, of course: no steroids or supplements.

You now what, that is some major B.S. right there. Dorian Yates (the body builder) has a book full of tricks and has put a life worth of effort into his body building career. I don’t know about steroids but supplementation and specialized nutrition are a big part of this game.

Bodybuilders and supermodels read Hacker News daily, they follow key people on Twitter. Their code invokes a dozen ninja libraries that you don’t yet know about. They use cheap cloud services and summon a cluster with 2TB of RAM just to make their SQL queries run faster.

Wake up and smell the toast! Your best bet to beat the best (what a mouthful) is to find their tools and tricks of world class performers and then improve on them!

Did you like that site? Then head to builtwith.com and break it apart. Surf quora.com to find which stack they are using and do so for each competitor. Discover as many of their key tools, processes and people and then, improve on the state of the art.

Pretty soon you’ll look like Gisele Bundchen…

Well, maybe not, but you get the point. Discipline, tools and processes make up a bigger part of the end result than we take for granted.