Less is More

Instead of trying to pack yet another feature into your app, why not refine and polish your product?

Simplicity is an asset because it increases engagement and customer retention. Thinking in terms of excellence, in terms of quality and not quantity is a recipe for success.

Simple products are more likely to fit into your customers’ lives. Focused products  are cheaper to produce and cheaper to refine. Moreover, you can craft simple products that only perform a handful of actions and still command high prices for your app if your solution is polished and state of the art.

Simplicity is elegance. A simple app is usually faster, stickier and better designed. As humans, we can only devote so much attention to new things. So is best to establish a dialogue with your users and start iterating around their most crucial pain points. This will set a pace of customer driven development ideally suited to create and engage a user community as well as maximize all the metrics related to every forthcoming cohort.

Simple and polished solutions will gain the trust of your users and the loyalty of your business partners because in mobile development, less is more.