Clarity as the Quintessential Competitive Advantage

Shakespeare said that “brevity is the soul of wit” to which we might add that “clarity is the soul of relevance”. Clarity is the quintessential competitive advantage, a powerful communication tool that can amplify your marketing message, make the user experience more delightful while boosting revenues seamlessly.

But, where and when shall we seek clarity? It is indeed very expensive to polish products until the very last pixel. However, the search for clarity is most fruitful when developing business plans or product wire frames and prototypes.

Indeed the initial chase in any project should be for a compass, not a map. Try to devise the indicators of success before starting that next project or outlining the tasks to be completed. Hence, we bring clarity to the purpose of any new endeavor.

The Business Model Canvas is a wonderful tool that brings clarity to any new business or business unit. Similar tools are available for a wide variety of entrepreneurial endeavors.

So give yourself some time to clarify the situation before acting and reap the magnificent rewards: increased buy-in, simple communication and greater chance of success.