Domain Name Portfolios

A domain name portfolio is one of the most important assets for an eCommerce operation. Having multiple domains in different languages and TLDs gives you access to a a bigger potential market. Here are some strategies you can put in place to set up a great domain portfolio.

1. Buy several exact match domains. For example you can buy “”  to educate customers about the benefits of LLCs. If you own a legal firm or portal, having a good quantity of educational micro sites is a great way to capture hundreds of visitors with the advantages of exact match domain names (higher rankings, easier branding, better recall and more link juice). A portfolio of educational sites allows you to test multiple things on a broader audience with lesser risk.

2. Short and powerful .coms convey respect and attention. Nothing wins the respect of your audience like a bold and short .com name. They convey experience, longevity and are easier to type in most browsers and mobile devices. To put it simple, .com is the TLD of big brands.

3. Protect your dot coms with other extension. If you own a name, why not buy as many TLD of it as you can. This gives you multiple benefits: you can use the domains to host images or documents, set up investor sites or simply to keep competitors from buying your brand name on other TLDs.

4. International domaining. You can buy exact match domains and even category killers in foreign languages for very little money. Some of these domains have type-in traffic and convey at lot of respect. If you have bilingual capabilities you can at least buy a couple names in Spanish or French and try the waters in that fashion.

5. Keep building and buying. Multiple domain names hide your most profitable keywords and keep the competition away from your business.

And remember: a strong domain portfolio sets you up for success. Don’t think of your business just in terms of one domain name.