10 Fresh Strategies to Increase Your Traffic

A critical mass of users is built by producing adequate tools and content. High traffic requires at first a solid infrastructure with adequate support and then a clear design which offers an ideal UI/UX for visitors. When visitors find the content they need in your platform, at a consistent basis, and they can consume such content in an enjoyable fashion, they come back for more. After coming back a few times, they start referring you. Soon after, they join your mal list, and so it goes.

The Path To CK10

Nginx was developed, in part, to solve the C10k problem, or optimizing web server software to handle a large number of clients at the same time. C10k stands for concurrent ten thousand connections. When a blog post hits the front page of HackerNews or Reddit, thousands of visitors can arrive at your site at once.   – WP Force

The holy grail of web development is that moment when you reach 10,000 concurrent users in a minute. That metric qualifies you as a blockbuster developer. To achieve such a figure you need to partner with brands or develop juggernauts that command the attention of millions. Having done both I want to share some basic ideas to double or triple your web traffic:

1. Target the Long Tail

In order to get more traffic as an up comer, you must target the long tail. Focusing on low competition keywords gives you time and runway to gain visitors while you improve your platform. As you gain traffic and subscribers, keep improving your site to bolster your retention rates and open ratios. Obtaining long tail traffic also provides insights about your audience that we’ll leverage in the following steps.

2. Improve Your SEO

On page and off page SEO are critical for your success. I suggest improving your on page SEO even before going out for links and mentions. After your page is very high quality, gaining editorial links will be much easier.

3. Discover Facebook Dark Posts

You need to keep atop trends and major developments in social media and SEO. Since 2013, Facebook dark posts have become a very good marketing tactic that probably your competition isn’t using. Being a marketing innovator over and over, gives you an edge over the completion and it compounds greatly over time. Stretching over your confort zone is what can set your brand apart.

Facebook dark post ads training from Dustin Slade

4. Get Twitter Traffic

Twitter is great because it’s filled with professionals and social media savvy web users. Take Twitter seriously and post every day following a  well-thought out strategy. You can follow my 20-step guide to get Twitter traffic.

5. Use Slideshare

This platform is far from saturated and gets a lot of traffic from web developers and other professionals. Here competition is still very low and attention is very high due to the nature of the medium. Pinterest, Snapchat, Yik Yak and other newcomers are also very good bets.

How to Milk Slideshare for Moo’ Website Traffic from Ana Hoffman

6. Translate Your Website

Monitor your Google Analytics (or Piwik) traffic now, look for those sources of traffic and tell me honestly, why do you have so much foreign traffic? Ok you don’t have to tell me, commonly English web sites get a lot of international traffic because visitors come from regions with low competition and significant pockets of bilingual populations. If you translate your website and put some efforts towards localization, your company could reap the benefits of this traffic and grow at a faster rate than competitors by reducing bounce rate and increasing the customer base.

7. Place Adwords in Spanish

Adwords in Spanish are simply cheaper. However you can capture a good share of bilingual milenials that speak English and live in the USA by placing Adwords in Spanish that target users with a browser in English located within your state.

8. Produce Video Content

In a couple of years, video will surpass text as the primary content factor people wish to consume. If you produce video content today, you’ll gain greater exposure and be completely ready for the future. Learn to rank in YouTube and also explore Vine and Instagram video, all those platforms concentrate a great amount of traffic.

Now you are ready to expand your web presence and seek even more traffic. I recommend you focus on partnerships and machine assisted keyword discovery as they are relatively inexpensive avenues that bring a lot of traffic to any business.

9. Focus on Getting Mentions and Endorsements

Tie your brand to the social fabric by seeking allies and friends with significan social media exposure. Focusing on getting mentions and endorsements is a better strategy than simply “getting links”. By getting endorsements you separate your brand from others and create a roster of allies that will broadcast your message when the time comes. Think of the game as gaining friends and not points.

10. Use SQL and Competitor Data for Keyword Mining

After gaining initial traction and refining your pages, amplify your operation with data-heavy tools. Use SQL and competitor data for keyword mining. You can analyze all of your competitors web sites, all of their social media tweets and comments and similar information, to discover lucrative keywords in your niche. Use this competitive intelligence to fine tune your promotional efforts and  keep building your presence online in a very organized fashion by executing these tips in a disciplined fashion.