The Latino Growth Hack


I have a sweet little tip for all my readers in countries with significant Latino populations. Let’s say you live in the USA and have a startup, blog, portal or eCommerce shop with an established Internet presence, you are spending a fair share of money on Adwords every month and have consulted with several SEO experts.  If you fit this description, you can significantly grow your business by purchasing Spanish keywords. However, even thought your visitors will click on Spanish ads, they will complete the purchase in English. Let me explain.



According to Pew Research a majority of English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S. are bilingual. That is, most latinos that speak Spanish also speak English. What this means for you is one of the best Internet traffic arbitrage opportunities out there. You can prepare simple Spanish campaigns (one or two landing pages) targeting Hispanics so they come to your site and explore your brand. The upside? Keywords in Spanish cost up to 90% less! Just follow these steps to ensure the best results:

1. Google Adwords requires your ads, keyword and landing pages to be in Spanish. You can create micro-sites for “5 de Mayo”, Latino Independence days, etc. setting up special promotions for Hispanics.

2. Limit the location of your customers to the US. That increases the likelihood of finding bilingual customers.

3. Include the word “Bilingual” in your ad, in order to filter customers. You can also capture all the Hispanic traffic and setup an email or phone number for Spanish-only speaking customers.

And that’s it! The cost of your Adwords promotions has been cut by as much as 90%. If you’re operating a startup or small business and need a quick grow strategy please consider the above strategy before thinking about internationalization. The Hispanic market is simultaneously underserved and highly-lucrative, so don’t overlook this chance to grow your business.