Become an Engine of Change

Focus on the change that you want to see in the world. Read every day about leadership, technology, finance or personal improvement; don’t waist your hours in nonsense. Because, if you use your time well, you can become an engine of change. You can be the connector that refers key people to world-changing entrepreneurs. Or the clever programmer that comes up with a faster algorithm that changes an entire industry. But, in order to do so, in order to make a difference, you have to live like an engine of change.

Engines of change are open-minded, innovative and hard-working. They seek the truth in order to find meaning and lead from a vantage point that leads to success. To be an engine of change you have to embrace failure, because getting it right the first time only happens in movies.

Engines of change partner, follow up and conceal defeat when its time to fold or pivot. But their values never change, their ways never change, their convictions never change. They uphold innovation, progress and achievement as core values that help discover the way forward.

Remember, you are an innovator, an engine of change. So start living like one! The mainstream will thank you one day.