Must Read Essays

This is a collection of some my most requested materials. It includes viral essays, syndicated content and a national best-selling case study. They are must reads if you want to make a dent in the Hispanic market!

– Why The Bitcoin Revolution Will Be Bigger Than The Internet. Syndicated in the top Bitcoin magazines and read more than 20,ooo times, this post and video explain will Bitcoin will create a new era for all of us. It is indeed the most important eCommerce tool available.

Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning, 2012. Darden Business Publishing. A case study and financial framework for estimating the benefits of selling in Spanish on and off-line. You can read the piece Bloomberg Businessweek wrote about it.

– Twitter For Tech In 20 Steps. A syndicated infographic explaining how to gain followers and influence in Twitter.

– Common Mistakes In Website Performance Optimization. The most-read article before migrating this blog to a new system. It outlines the basic frameworks for web performance optimization.

The Long Tail is Infinite. A trilogy of articles discussing the hard-work of keyword research. This is a must for seasoned and new eBusiness developers and founders.

Dreaming of a Planet for Every Human.  On the upcoming singularity and our boundless possibilities.  This is the most requested piece in my talks.

– Of Bodybuilders And Supermodels. The second most-read article before migrating this blog. It explains how the great get that way.

– AgencyRank – A New Way To Reward Creative Professionals. A new framework for recognizing our industry. These set of metrics could change how we measure talent and quality in our industry. Highly recommended.