True Key Might Literally Change the Face of the Internet

True Key Security
True Key Security Exhibit 1 – Photos by Intel Security

Intel Security has just opened True Key testing for select customers and, my initial impressions of the product are pretty favorable. Considering the bundling power that Intel has, its brand equity and industry clout, True Key might be the way we all log in to web sites and apps in the next few years.

Your passwords and wallet data are encrypted and decrypted locally, on your device. This encrypted data is stored on True Key servers.

Why log in/sign in with the True Key app?

There is an overwhelming hassle of managing the increasing number of usernames and passwords required to manage your digital life. Log in, and the True Key app will create and remember complex passwords for each of your sites, makes them available to you across all of your devices, ensures that only you can access them simply and securely using factors that are unique to you, and automatically logs you in when you revisit your sites and apps – so you don’t have to.

My Initial Impressions

I loved the installation, the software is quick and easy to install and can connect to major apps without a hassle. Currently they don’t support Apple’s Safari browser, but that’s not a deal breaker for most. The website is easy to use and the app couldn’t be simpler.

True Key Exhibit 2
True Key Exhibit 2 – Photos by Intel Security

Added Security

The software uses facial measurements to unlock your online accounts but there’s also an added level of security: your mobile devices. So True Key will check your face and ask you to swipe your phone to access most websites (provided you configure it to do so). This option comes in handy for us that have hundreds of online accounts.

True Key Exhibit 3
True Key Exhibit 3 – Photos by Intel Security

Not All Services Have Been Added

I could easily log in to Twitter, Facebook and rdio. Definitely loved the process and will keep using True Key for most of my online accounts. However they still have a lot of work to do integrating a wide variety of services. All and all, I suggest you visit True Key’s website and try the service as soon as you can. This might be the new face of web authentication.