No Innovation at WWDC 2015

Steve Jobs is dead and apparently so is the culture of innovation at Apple. Yesterday we experience one of the few WWDCs with absolutely no innovation and only incrementalism. Larry Ellison said it best when he referred to Apple’s future without Steve Jobs:

Let’s go over some of the major announcements:

Apple Music is the result of Beats acquisition and Apple’s new play in music  streaming to counter stagnating music downloads. This is a new product that introduces a curation of some of the best features already present in competing products.

iOS 9 is trying to catch up with Google Android by providing refinements across the board. A well received upgrade that fails to change the game except for its intelligent multitasking capabilities on larger and newer devices.

Watch OS 2 delivered on native watch apps a little bit late for developers. Question is, how long until Apple starts sharing their watch sales figures? Still no vision for the Apple Watch, no differentiating factors and no exciting new watch apps on stage.

OS X El Capitán was painful to watch. The entire presentation was Apple catching up with Microsoft or Google or Evernote.

Apple WWDC 2015 in 12 Minutes

As an investor, I love the announcements, because Apple products will be better and make our lives a bit easier. However as a technologist I see Apple losing ground on innovation, thought leadership and strategic differentiation. And to me, Apple is headed just in the direction The Oracle foretold.

Incremental Improvements at WWDC 2015