Hispanic eBusiness


Hispanic eBusiness is fundamentally different than other new media developments due to a variety of reasons: a wide geographic spread of the population, immense cultural variety, late Internet adoption, particular technical barriers among others.

Targeting the Hispanic ethnography is a complex task. Translation and localization efforts are required, new marketing venues must be identified, a completely different customer mindset must be serviced and client technology is just above average.

However, Hispanic homes have greater buying power, more brand loyalty, and more disposable income than average white homes. Strategic efforts to target Hispanics are some of the best ways to increase your ROI in short time spans.

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Oftentimes the next business move is not at all clear. Extensive research, experimentation, and innovation are required. With this in mind, I’ve assembled, over the years, a toolkit of resources to aid in the profiling and monetization of Latinos. After harvesting data from over 85 million Hispanic website visits, I’ve gained a world-class understanding of Hispanics’ preferences and pain points (across a wide variety of industries and geographies).

Read Bloomberg Businessweek’s commentary on my most recent piece of research about eBusiness solutions targeting Hispanics or buy the case from the Harvard Business Review¬†collection.