Drunken Home

In the midst of the night, he appeared
his mother urged to hide quickly
before drunken Johnnie saw him
but drunken eyes see twice

“As I say shall you do and arrive
discipline starts by respecting time!”
shouted Johnnie to the small man

John didn’t cry tears but feelings:
“How can I trust an old drunken man?
Dad, I won’t call you like you want me to
that’s some discipline for you Johnnie man!”

30 tears covered this sunken home, one cried every
Christmas night he named “drunken Johnnie” his sober Dad

Today, I still maintain my word, never to stop calling you ‘son’
because my drunken words were sincere and true
every time I sprayed alcohol saying “I love you”

My dead adopted John was the water of this home
yet alcohol sunk my life for the lack of a natural son.

For over 20 years, my literary passions have defined my existence. Poetry, plays, and short stories populate a body of work that further feeds my creative endeavors. My literary production encompasses a theater play, seven books, more than 50 short stories, and over 2000 poems.

Books (Original Title in Spanish)

Bulls of Dignity (Toros de la Dignidad) (2008)

Immortal (Inmortal) (2008)

Greece Yolanda (Grecia Yolanda) (2009)

Caliginophobia (Caliginofobia) (2010)

Constelation (Constelación) (2010)

Poems Written by a Bull (Poemas Escritos por un Toro) (2011)

Caliber 90 (Calibre 90) (2012)

Plays (Original Title in Spanish)

Bulls of Dignity – Theater (Toros de la Dignidad, Adaptación Teatral) (2011)

Preserved in the Following Anthologies

Hispanic Heritage Month’s Poetry Contest and Exhibition by the Miami-Dade Public Library, 2016

First Biennal of Short-Story Telling, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic, 2009

Second International Encounter of Poets, San Ramón Costa Rica, 2008