Math Olympiads

At 16, I started competing in Math Olympiads. By 17, I was the national math olympiad champion. After competing in international math olympiads I became the nationally appointed chief of delegation for the national math team on two occasions (OIM 2000, Venezuela and OIM 2002 El Salvador). During my tenure as Chief of Delegation, the Dominican team achieved two bronze medals and two mentions of honor along with the highest scores in Algebra of any Latin American country (OIM 2002 El Salvador). As a result of our performance, the country was invited to participate in the International Math Olympiads of 2003 (IMO 2003).  This is a testimony to the quality of young minds our country is producing.

Math Multipliers

In 2012 I joined Alejandro Garcia as an advisor to his Math Multipliers Program. Originally sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, Math Multipliers seeks to enrich young lives by offering free STEM education of the highest caliber.

Language Learning Models
In order to accelerate the integration of Latinos into the American culture and, in order to increase corporate returns in increasingly Latino populated areas, I created, along with Keith Dickey, the models, and line of reasoning feature in the 2012 business case “Best Buy: Investing in Language Learning”, acknowledged by Bloomberg Businessweek as one of the best-selling academic business publications of the year. The models and strategies presented in the case are being used by Best Buy to successfully compete with establish eCommerce operations such as and differentiate its offering to consumers.