Deep Learning Means Computers Have Mastered Basic Perception

Deep learning and big data are real revolutions shaping our world and increasing our world’s automation. But academics and engineers disagree on what deep learning actually is (or could be).

Deep Learning is Basic Perception

Computers can now, given some guidance, form opinions about fuzzy things. They are very good at spotting credit card fraud, similar images and security breaches. This is because the simulated neural patterns of machine deep learning correlate with our basic “human perception”, that is perception of basic patterns and objects. In my opinion, sentiment analysis and natural language processing have gotten so good that they can be compared to “human glancing”, at the very least.

Specialized Intuition is the Next Frontier

From here, I believe the industry will explore combining multiple deep learning algorithms in the same systems to create specialized subtracts of “machine intuition”. In my opinion , this can happen very soon, maybe even in less than five years.