Mobile is King

We love the mobile experience. Content at your fingertips, closer interaction with our computers and unprecedented ease of use. Over time our subconscious realizes that using mobile platforms is easier than opening our laptop’s web browser and we perform more and more tasks on our mobile devices. Compound this reality with the growth metrics of smartphone and tablet adoption all over the world and you’ll end up with an indisputable fact: Mobile is King.

  • Mobile is King in interaction, because the interface is close to me, the mouse doesn’t interfere with my desires.
  • Mobile is King in loyalty because I see your app every time my phone is unlocked.
  • Mobile is King for discovery because of app curation, variety and quality.
  • Mobile is King for marketers because you have more information about me that with any other device I happen to own.
  • Mobile is King for internationalization because its easier for developing nations to move straight to smartphones bypassing the Web 1.0 and 2.0 eras altogether.

Indeed Mobile is King in our hearts because we put so much effort into customizing our smartphones that they have become truly personal computers.  These post-pc devices are something else in the sense that they package all the modern offerings of personal telecommunications and information technology in a convenient fashion. This can’t be overlook. There are some many use cases unique to smartphones and tablets that traditional personal computers already feel like dinosaurs. No matter how sleek the model.

You’ll hear VCs and founders talking about mobile first all day long. But is not about mobile first anymore. It’s about Mobile King, and the notion that we can and should deliver premium experiences primarily focused on mobile devices because that’s were growth is. Technical growth, market growth, international growth, etc. It’s not about Mobile First, but Mobile King.