Internet Trends 2015

Annually, Kleiner Perkins publishes the though-leading “Internet Trends” report.  In this year’s report, Mary Meeker presents a fascinating set of new trends. Among the most salient is the fact that Internet growth pace is slowing both in the classic as well as mobile webs.

Another salient slide talks about the new ad formats available on mobile platform, including cinematic pins, local inventory ads and carousel ads. The report also devotes significant attention to the shift towards vertical ads brought upon by SnapChat to mobile devices everywhere.

Another interesting theme is the announcement of new work paradigms brought upon by communication technologies such as Box, Square and Slack. More efficiency, less friction and greater automation will keep changing the nature of big and small business at an accelerating pace.

For your enjoyment here are all the versions of the report. Making a habit of reading this report in full every year, is truly in your best interest. Happy Wednesday!

2015 Internet Trends Report – SlideShare

2015 Internet Trends Report – PDF

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