Tim Cook Has Been a Great CEO And He’ll Prove it Today

Apple is largely expected to reveal an assortment of new products and services for its fans all around the globe. We’ll probably see new iPhones, get a hard date for OS X El Capitan and enjoy some meaty surprises. All and all, despite the Apple Watch fiasco, Tim Cooks has been a great CEO, here’s why.

Nice Transition

Cook was able to lead a post-Jobsian Apple into an era of shared leadership and utility-oriented computing. While a focus on innovation is nowhere near Jobsian levels, the Apple-like levels of quality and compromise are still there in every critical point of the supply chain.

Great New Products

The new Mac Pro is amazing. Clearly, Tim Cook was able to lead Apple not only to competence to to excellence in a product line so competitive that all other vendors have been commoditized.

Employees are Happy

Perhaps this is Cook’s greatest achievement. He’s been able to keep Apple’s critical staff onboard and on point, delivering their best work with clockwork precision. Cook has been slow but steady in acquiring startups and securing greater talent for Apple.

Competence in New Launches

Aside from the Apple Watch, Cook has proven very competent in leading Apple to unexplored areas like new collaborations for car systems, Apple Music, Home Kit, the new Apple campus, etc. Bottom line is this man is not only improving upon Apple’s existing footprint, but improving upon it. Hopefully, Cook will continue to be one of the best Silicon Valley CEOs for years to come.