100x Web Development

In this day and age of social media, smartphones and on-demand services, web properties can perform faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Your business can distribute information to millions of potential customers for cents. However, in order to make use of everything this new age has to offer,  you need a 100x plan for your web properties. A plan to make things spread and respond to increased demand across all your products and services.

This starts with automation and social media aware software. Integrating your systems with social media is today as basic as setting up a login form for secure areas. Doing this reduces friction and makes information flow seamlesly from the Web to your private systems.

Everything in your business most be social, from your CRM to your ERP to your invoices. Because being social means being relevant, and relevance gets shared, retweeted, recommended and liked.

In summary, your company must have detailed processed and procedures to manage viral growth, social media surges and  the spikes in traffic that are becoming more and more frequent in this social media world.