Dear Linux, Please Go Back to School

You have a big problem dear Linux. You’re not discoverable. And that’s holding back an entire industry. In fact, it’s holding back our entire planet. Dear Linux, I am sick and can’t take it anymore. The five most common problems of Linux are drivers, interoperability, talent, fragmentation and legal issues. However theres another elephant in the room. Linux lacks intelligence.

Spotlight, Siri, Google and Google Now are offering a natural language layer that simplifies usage and automate common information discovery tasks. Developers need to evolve their apps and, in the short term, nothing looks as sexy and appealing as natural search and machine learning.  Cortana (Microsoft’s proposal in the field) is another powerful solution that, if opened up to developers will seduce a great number of programmers away from Linux.

The capital intensive nature of the server farms required to run Siri and Cortana will likely halt Ubuntu and Fedora in implementing similar features. So desktop Linux will likely suffer. However I’m more concerned about servers. How can Linux servers take advantage of this new wave of innovation? Should Linux go back to school and learn to read? I argue it has to.