UX Makes All the Difference

 “User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. – Jakob Nielsen

From a technical standpoint, few issues carry more weight than user experience. UX creates a fluid dialog between users and computers that ultimately is store in our brain as the most important brand association pertaining to your firm.

UX matters because it impacts both the perceived as well as the real value of your platform. For example, on Tinder the action of selecting a match is perform with a simple swipe to either left or right. This makes for a smooth experience in which users select dozens of matching profiles per session, both enriching their experience and the quality of the network. Both speed and simplicity impact adoption so this simple UX choice makes Tinder so much more compelling to the average user.

Digital technology isn’t the same as other technologies. For example, chairs are complex machines that provide a service at a user’s request, yet people intuitively know how to use a chair. We understand the purpose and behavior of a chair because we have evolved with them. Unlike chairs, humans have not evolved using digital technology, and as such we don’t instinctively comprehend how it works. The translation of megabytes and code into a deliverable product that fulfills the needs of a user is done through User Experience Design. – Cooper Journal

What Can I Change to Make My UX Better?

There are many things that impact user experience. Interface design is a major one, but speed, gestures, color, animations and interaction dynamics are all usual suspects in a UX improvement journey. Making your site faster has a clear impact in terms of user experience because the user feels that his questions are being answered more efficiently. Clean, crisp and sophisticated design conveys respect for users. In many studies, color is shown to correlate with feelings and brand trust.

Animations and interaction dynamics set applications apart from one another and generally yield more trust, higher engagement and stronger brand attachment. Animations have a TV-like effect: they draw users to your platform because the show is perceived as cool or well produced. On the other hand, interaction dynamics, such as the number of clicks or navigation can make an app more accessible or interesting to a particular set of users.

Where to Get Great UX Ideas?

Explore cutting edge UX from video games, leading web sites and mobile apps and historic heavy hitters. Strive to set your platform apart from others, specially where it comes to UX, because it is one of the most distinctive part of a digital company.

How is the Impact of Great UX Design Measured?

Several common metrics are used to evaluate the quality of great UX design. All these metrics required traffic and some historic data but the industry has agreed on their significance. They are: Conversion RatesAverage Revenue Per UserSupport Costs and User Performance. Improvement in any of these metrics probably signals an UX improvement.