Why Create a Latino Section

If you manage a magazine or newspaper, a Latino section is really a good idea to boost engagement. Why? Well, curation becomes easier and article consumption goes thru the roof because Latino web surfers can find more relevant articles to choose from.

Bottom line is, while Latinos can identify with mainstream issues, they appreciate the cultural curation. Mind you, these articles don’t have to be in Spanish and they don’t have to cover international issues to be effective. You only need to produce a curation of the content that already resides in your magazine and has ties to the Latino community.

Clustering Latino bloggers in a dedicated section of your publication makes content production faster. After launching a dedicated Hispanic section you can embed content from Latino websites and enrich the reach and footprint of your publication with minimal effort.

Dedicated cultural sections bring light to statistics and truly showcase where your editorial team is connecting with the audience. So, feel free to play around with this concept and implement it as you see fit.