The LG G4 is the Perfect Android Device

I’ve been playing around with the new LG G4 for some weeks now and my summary is simple: this is probably the best Android device you can buy. LG has executed marvelously a new strategy to bring life back into their mobile devices and, so far, all the latest flagship releases have been amazing. In this post, I want to analyze LG’s strategy and cast light into the LG G4’s most salient highlights.

The Business Side

LG is building a device for early adopters, filled with leading features and generous with specs and processing power. The ethos of LG’s rationale is to carve a niche that includes road warriors and high-demanding professionals needing performance or features not present on neither the iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung S6. The slightly curve phone continues the LG G3 tradition by providing users with access to the phone battery, expandable SD card housing and a very comfortable leather back. All three are very rare things in the smartphone market. Hence, LG has provided the market with a highly differentiated product that catches your eyes instantly and is a joy to use for road warriors.

As the second biggest South Korean phone market, LG is beginning to paint a very focused strategy to seduce more buyers. The Quantum IPS display on the LG G4 resembles a cinema screen in both color saturation and scale, the camera boasts the largest aperture of any camera on a smartphone and pairs such a package with infrared ports to control smart TVs and a laser for changing the camera focus faster than in any other smart phone. The finished product is an impressive achievement for such a low price point.

The Camera

In a nutshell the LG G4 camera can go head to head with a DSLR and the differences might not be noticeable to the untrained eye. It’s a tour de force in personal photography.

The Phone for Road Warriors

The LG G4 has roughly the same screen size as the iPhone 6 Plus albeit in a smaller housing. It’s dual screen capabilities mean you can do more faster and, with a Hexacore processor, this phone is as fast as they come. Road warriors can do full multitasking all they long and change batteries if they ever need to. The phone also supports multiple bands for frequent travelers.

Marques Brownlee places the LG G4 display among the top 5 displays and gives the phone high marks on almost every way.

Interesting Features

The resizable keyboard and its bilingual correction capabilities make this the best typing experience I’ve seen on any Android device. Smart features are amazing: you can set up your LG G4 to open apps or perform tasks automatically as you change locations or enter a different room. The G4 does this using your wifi connectivity status and your location.

In Conclusion

Try this one out and tell me what you think about it. LG is sure to gain greater market share with this great upgrade to the LG G Series. The camera is really impressive, specially in manual mode, because the menu lets you interact with the camera just like in a DSLR. It’s a great machine for road warriors and is the best Android device I’ve seen launch this year.