The Mightybell is Born

The faboulous Gina Bianchini (social media’s wonder woman and ning co-founder) has launched a new project called Mightybell. I quote: “At the core of a Mightybell Experience is creating something other people want to do. The difference between Mightybell and making an online video, writing a blog post, or answering a question on a Q&A site is that on Mightybell, when you layout your best plan for, say, a four day survival camping trip to Yosemite Falls with six freshman roommates, it can now be joined, followed, and “done” by another group down the hall or visiting German exchange students”.

The service is also delivered via a nicely designed iPhone Application. Initial media coverage for this project has been very impresive: Mightybell @  Forbes , Mightybell @ TechcrunchMightybell @ Business InsiderMightybell @ AllthingsD  , Mightybell @ TheNextWeb , Mightybell@Inc Magazine , Mightybell @ RWW and  Mightybell @ TheWallStreetJournal .

To find out more about Mightyball Look at a sample experience or  Join Mightybell.